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the refinement of data

State-of-the-art databases and efficient processes do not at all ensure consistently emotionalized touchpoints, inspiring product data alone does not guarantee performance and, above all, only enthusiastic employees convinced of the company vision make the success of your company possible. For all these reasons, PIM-Consult provides one-of-a-kind interweaving of technology, processes, design and cultural change.

Years of expertise in the operational, product and management levels of renowned global organizations from retail and industry guarantee pragmatic solutions that are relevant to your business, in the exact scope needed for realizing your vision in operational terms.

Excellent knowledge of the supplier market in the areas of PIM, MDM and MAM systems and, with respect to implementing inspiring imagery, the creative market safeguard your decisions along the value-creation chain from the vision to the touchpoint.

From the vision to the customer experience – Your product data strategy from a single source!

The PIM-Consult GmbH mission and service portfolio are a result of the deep-rooted understanding of the success factors of up-and-coming companies from retail and industry, B2C, and B2B, and their requirements on product data, processes and systems – from the backend to the front end, cost-effective and emotional, for POS and everywhere commerce, regional and global, for today and tomorrow.

  • Strategy and management consulting in the product information management area
  • PIM system selection process and implementation
  • Process modeling and process management
  • Change management and organization development
  • Set-up of production processes, design and frontend adjustments

From real-world applications for real-world applications!

A great story develops when two experienced marketers share one vision

Kersten Wirth and Niklas Schultes have many years of experience in globally active companies from retail and industry; both made significant contributions to the digital transformation of these companies.

As part of successful collaboration, they have proved that efficient processes, highly qualified product data, industrialized production, a high level of inspiration and high-end design might not be possible alone, but definitely when working together under one roof. What could be better than blending their vision of coherence of technology and design into one joint company? Nothing.


The search for like-minded people is not an easy one, but it is successful

Specific customer requirements demand specific expertise; extensive orders with high implementation pressure require adapted resources. Based on need and after coordinating with customers, we reinforce our team drawing from a hand-picked crop of like-minded people. Many years of practical knowledge, a high level of enthusiasm and passion for product data are essential basics.

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Kersten Wirth

Managing Partner, Founder


m +49 151 27098275
p +49 40 808093317
f +49 40 808093111

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Christine Sauer

Senior Business Consultant


m +49 170 3554814
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Niklas Schultes

Managing Partner


m +49 170 1083517
t +49 40 808093318
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Senior Marketer from industry and retail with outstanding expertise in product management, product information management, process and project management and publishing

Kersten Wirth's expertise is primarily in international project business and consulting in the PIM/MDM environment. His many years of experience and focus on international product and project management and intercultural communication are valuable assets that are supplemented by his years of management experience in challenging roles.

The management of his first international PIM project when the software genre was still in its infancy was and is still esteemed in the industry and helped Kersten Wirth become a household name in the PIM consulting market. In the early 2000s, he was living the vision of master data management, which is discussed in many places today. This allowed him to make HellermannTyton the "data leader" in the industry.

Kersten Wirth switched companies to OTTO in Hamburg, where he played a key role in the development and rollout of the product data strategy within the framework of the PIM implementation. The rocky path to uniform representation and "industrialized" data production was pursued under his leadership.

As a process and system visionary, he also used his ideas and designs to form the foundation for the digitalization of future media creation processes and the internationalization of content at OTTO.

In 2012, Kersten Wirth founded PIM-Consult in Hamburg and, since then, has successfully implemented projects for companies such as creatrade Holding GmbH (Conleys, Impressionen, Schneider and many more), Otto Office GmbH & Co. KG and Hornbach-Baumarkt-AG.

From the superior vision and strategy for data to the deepest levels of processes, systems and content – Kersten feels at home here due to his many years of practical experience.

Kersten Wirth lives with his wife and two children in Tornesch near Hamburg.

Creative publishing professional with international background – Expert in the symbiosis of structured data, efficient automation and inspiring design

Graphic designer Christine Sauer has many years of experience in print production, web design and cross-media publishing. In recent years, she focused increasingly on database-supported publishing, and the design and implementation of specialized content management solutions.

Her excellent knowledge in data management, product information management, database functions and creation combine to give unparalleled results in creating high-quality catalogs, brochures and personalized marketing material from structured layout templates in automated publishing processes without loss of design quality.

Christine Sauer has implemented custom solutions, workflows and processes in a wide range of renowned companies in various industries with very different requirements. She has a long list of successful implementations and rollouts of CMS systems in the multi-channel context and cross-lingual global productions.

Managing, training and motivating heterogeneous teams from marketing, purchasing and IT departments make up her role as senior project manager, as do creating and sustaining budget allowances, project plans and schedules.

Christine Sauer has been at PIM-Consult since 2013 and provides support to our customers, particularly in PIM implementation and initial production, but she is also essential for us in designing creation processes and content strategies.

Christine Sauer lives in Aschaffenburg, which also makes her the main presence of PIM-Consult in Southern Germany.

Creative innovator with extensive expertise from years of experience in communication, distance trade, product data, catalogs and e-commerce

Following his vision that automation and digitalization can be harmonized with inspiration and creativity, Niklas Schultes, a trained fashion and advertising photographer, introduced digital photography at OTTO in Hamburg in the early 1990s as one of the first movers in Germany.

Using his great conceptual and communicative expertise, Niklas Schultes was also in management positions in the Otto Group responsible for the design, implementation and internationalization of catalogs and product data. Here, increasing efficiency, digitalization and cross-media played an important role.

At OTTO, Niklas Schultes was most recently the direct sales representative responsible for editorial product data, its use in advertising materials such as catalogs, teasers, tablets, etc., and the further development of the associated processes and IT systems.

Niklas Schultes led various strategic projects for OTTO and the Otto Group (including Bonprix, Schwab, Sheego, Heine, Sportscheck, Baur, Witt, Alba Moda, Hagebau Direkt).

Niklas Schultes has established an array of knowledge and great consultation expertise, particularly when transforming structures and processes in analog form to high-performance, flexible and above all "e-driven" organizations and processes.

Niklas Schultes has been a partner at PIM-Consult since Autumn 2014. Along with strengthening the management, he continues to expand the consultation expertise in strategy, production processes, product data, change management and organizational development.

Niklas Schultes lives with his wife and three children in the heart of Hamburg.

Do you know your company's most valuable resource?

We know your company's most valuable resource!

Do you know what it is too?

Structured product data plays a key role in the success or failure of your company. Product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM) convert your data into a highly efficient tool for marketing, sales and organization. As PIM management consultants, we will put you on the right path.

Underestimated success factors

Your product data can do much more than you might know or believe. It is one of the most valuable resources of your company and contains almost limitless potential. Use this potential correctly to sell with ease in all B2B and B2C transactions.

However, to be able to fully utilize the potential of your product data, your company needs a custom-tailored and high-performance product data management system.

PIM-Consult helps you establish an efficient product information management system or optimize one that already exists.

Find out how here!

  • Product data has become the focal point of all sales processes
  • Complete and correct product information gains the trust of potential and existing customers
  • If product information is contradictory or inadequate, you will probably lose sales
  • Your product data are a critical competitive advantage – as long as it is better than your competitors' data
  • Channel-specific product information reaches your customers wherever they are, at any time, and in the form in which they need it
  • Purchasing and logistics processes
  • Data entry
  • Translation / localization
  • Product resource planning
  • Sales applications
  • Sales systems
  • Print production
  • Online shops and e-commerce
  • Reaching customers through all channels
  • Highly skilled PIM and MDM management consulting
  • Experience and expertise gained in many years of product information management
  • Extensive knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the PIM and master data software area
  • References from major companies that have successfully benefited from PIM-Consult services

Can your data
do it all?

Online shop, content targeting and print integration

Based on our PIM consulting, you can ensure that your product data are present in a way that is centralized, standardized, classified, harmonized and consistent, allowing it to be used quickly for all business processes.

The wide variety of your data.

Transparent product data

One of the most important processes leading up to the launch of a new PIM or MDM solution is analyzing existing processes and data and finding its sources. This requires taking a look at your entire company in order to answer the important question: "Who creates product information, how, when and for what purpose?"

Alone, you cannot master this challenge — we can help. Sure, your company's departments all know what they do. This does not mean that there isn't room for improvement. Without a doubt, it would help to get another, outside opinion—one that is objective and can zoom out enough to take it all in. This broad perspective is a basic requirement for successful PIM and MDM.

PIM-Consult develops a precise understanding of all important workflows in your company, supports you when identifying the product information sources and drafts a suitable product data philosophy for you.

  • Recording the actual processes, step by step
  • Recognizing the exact style of work of your employees and partners
  • Understanding the requirements for your sales channels
  • Locating system discontinuities and pain points when addressing media
  • Identifying the potential of a PIM or MDM implementation
  • Existing data structures and systems
  • Media/image servers
  • Spreadsheets and databases
  • Documents from advertising agencies
  • Shops and Internet sites
  • etc.
Become relevant in search engines and shopping portals.

Does your product
speak for itself?

We'll make sure of it, in all channels!

A well-structured PIM or MDM system with a specific product data vision, for instance, is more high performance than the best search engine optimization and prepares your company today for future search engine algorithms and e-commerce applications such as "Voice Commerce".

The future in advance

Any PIM or MDM system is only as high-performance as the vision that forms its foundation. Therefore, developing this vision is one of the most important steps in the entire process of converting to the new product information management system. To be equipped for upcoming developments in marketing, sales and customer communication, the system has to be built for the future from the beginning.

Search engine algorithms change daily, but one thing remains nearly the same: the relevance of outstanding and structured product information. If you have good master data, adjusting to Google updates also becomes significantly simplified.

Therefore, PIM-Consult consults with you comprehensively in regard to all target channels and, now, in regard to new technologies such as digital mobile phone or tablet wizards which your customers can use to interact with your product directly. This can be used today to form the foundation for business success tomorrow.

  • Supplying online shops and e-commerce applications
  • Creating algorithm-independent relevance in search engines and shopping portals
  • Supporting print integration through partially and fully automatic processes
  • Enabling customer data transfer e.g. via GS1, ETIM and Ecl@ss
  • Supporting content targeting, i.e. individualized customer communication
  • Enabling and integrating user-generated contents
  • Compatibility with voice commerce in the style of Siri
  • ...
  • Implementing truly global master data and product information
  • Developing a comprehensive, high-performance master data structure
  • Migrating, collecting and processing already existing product data
  • Developing a new product data philosophy for your company

Is your organization fit for global data management?

International PIM consulting and project management

With our help, you can adapt yourself to specific European, American or Asian cultural features and use this to set up your international business even more efficiently.

PIM project at the global level

Successful internationalization

Profitable international business requires more than just translations. Necessary experience is the only way to adapt to local requirements and particular cultural characteristics well enough to make your product data become the international sales team.

PIM-Consult consults and supports your company particularly in global PIM and MDM projects. We put our expertise and the many years of experience in Europe, North America and Asia completely at the service of your success.

  • We support you in awakening enthusiasm for the PIM project on a global level
  • We assist in project management and roll-outs
  • We analyze your worldwide data sources and migrate the information to your PIM or MDM system
  • We support you in defining new infrastructure
  • We help you avoid cultural stumbling blocks
  • We keep the local requirements for your product data in sight
  • We train your personnel in handling PIM and MDM systems and their philosophies
No channel limitations through flexible data models

Publish your products in all channels with flexibility and efficiency!

PIM and master data management (MDM) open new possibilities

We help you identify the enormous potential of automated data processing as part of PIM and MDM systems and develop customized concepts to multiply your success. This applies particularly to retail, trade, affiliates and cooperative ventures.

Centralization instead of fragmentation

Product data that is not managed in PIM or MDM environments is usually stored at innumerable locations in your company. It is fragmented, which makes accessing the entire database extremely difficult or even utterly impossible.

The lack of availability of product data has many consequences: High internal and external expenses for searching and provision, lost potential due to slow processes, or even eliminating sales channels with extreme requirements on product data.

To be able to benefit from the entire potential of your product data completely, you have to be capable of accessing all data at any time from any location of your company. To do so, you need a PIM or MDM system.

PIM-Consult guides your company through all phases of converting to a product information management or master data management system. Here, we convert your product data into a highly efficient communication tool, increasing the benefit it provides many times over.

  • Personalized quotations through consolidated, sales-relevant data
  • Technical data available quickly and in a customer-specific manner
  • Individual product information means competitive advantage
  • No channel limitations through flexible data models
  • Individual catalogs, flyers, etc. for exclusive target groups
  • Shortened manufacturing times through lower effort
  • Reduced production costs
  • Sustainable increase in data quality
  • Regular, automatic updates of product information
  • Unified, complete and current data in all areas
  • Easy access to all relevant media, e.g. images, videos and manuals
  • Simplified cross-selling, up-selling and referencing
  • Search engine optimization through comprehensive product data
  • Integration of user-generated content

Secure the necessary capacities and qualifications!

PIM management consulting and personnel support

PIM-Consult provides the necessary expertise and helps you get over possible personnel bottlenecks in the critical start time, in conception, implementation and running operation.

Customized PIM concept for your company

Expertise and support

A great number of errors can be made and many wrong turns can be taken when converting to a PIM or MDM system. PIM-Consult advises and guides you step by step on the direct path through the entire conversion process.

But we can do even more for you. To establish your new PIM or MDM system, you need a team for project management. Ideally, this team should be able to dedicate itself completely to the tough task. In reality, however, this is rarely the case. Particularly in the start phase, this can easily cause personnel bottlenecks.

PIM-Consult supports you through consultation and project management and helps you out in case of need with additional personnel to fill potential new positions that a PIM or MDM project can require.

  1. WE consult and identify the advantages of PIM/MDM for you
  2. WE analyze the workflows in your company
  3. WE structure the knowledge, develop a PIM vision and a PIM concept customized for your company
  4. WE & YOU get your employees excited about the new product data organization
  5. WE & YOU centralize, harmonize and standardize your product information
  6. WE & YOU select and implement the new PIM or MDM system
  7. YOU benefit from the enormous possibilities of your data, which can now be used immediately for all business processes
  8. YOU multiply your success by converting to a data-oriented corporate culture in the international area as well
Data-oriented corporate culture

Set up and receive a data-oriented corporate culture!

Product information management needs enthusiasm

PIM-Consult supports you in working to win over customers during the investment and conversion phase and in motivating your PIM or MDM team for the long term.

Fans and followers

Implementing a PIM or MDM system changes your entire corporate structure. Therefore, you have to convey to your entire staff how important standardized, classified, harmonized and consistent data is for the current and future business of your company.

This works best if you are constantly working to win customers from the beginning and arouse interest for the new processes. Ideally, you will make all of your employees PIM or MDM fans.

PIM-Consult develops a shared PIM/MDM vision with your company and supports you in generating the necessary enthusiasm for your new ideas, processes and requirements.


These companies already benefit from our experience in converting to a new data management philosophy


Increasing the competitiveness of all creatrade enterprises and reducing the cost base are the main goals of implementing a professional product data management system. PIM-Consult has supported us here in an excellent way, contributing crucially to implementing the PIM project as a result. In the first year, we were already able to reduce external costs significantly through the intensive support of Mr. Wirth. We are on a great track to achieving the intended project goals.

- Ulf Cronenberg -
CEO, creatrade Holding

"I value Mr. Schultes as a creative innovator who has an excellent understanding of how to harmonize inspiring concepts, highly qualified content and efficient production processes in the cross-channel context. Mr. Schultes contributed to the long-term company success and digital turnaround of Otto with his distinct media expertise and operating excellence."

- Marc Opelt -
Executive Management board of Sales and Marketing at Otto (GmbH & Co KG)

In the start and analysis phase, PIM-Consult helped my company choose a suitable PIM system. Through his extensive practical knowledge and the analytical style of work, Mr. Wirth contributed in a major way to make sure that the project was able to be carried out successfully in a very short time and that the supplier selection was able to be traced objectively and reliably. His abilities in motivating employees helped him to abstract the needs of the company and incorporate them into the selection catalog. Mr. Wirth assisted us throughout the entire implementation process up to the roll-out and support of the business areas. His comprehensive understanding of PIM/MDM systems was extraordinarily helpful throughout the project.

- Henning Dürkop, IT coordinator -
creatrade Holding

I got Mr. Wirth on board at the recommendation of a highly experienced PIM project manager for Creatrade Holding. His expertise, experience and personality within the framework of the project were thoroughly outstanding. His contribution to the process was a long-term asset on both technical and personal levels. I hold Mr. Wirth in high esteem and would always recommend him for comparable projects. Many thanks!

- Thomas Geuder -
eCommerce Director, creatrade Holding

PIM-Consult supported us up to the go-live as part of the project data management when developing a new vision, PIM system selection and implementation. Mr. Wirth has excellent experience in the field of product data management solutions and processes. The concepts and strategic approaches developed convinced Creatrade management. Along with his technical expertise, Mr. Wirth has a winning, motivating personality that contributed substantially to the success of the project.

- Risto Pfalz -
COO creatrade Holding

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