Julian Herzog

MAM, PIM, and MDM expert – agile and passionate innovator with many years of experience in product and project management in mail-order business and publishing

Julian Herzog specializes in project and product management, process automation, test management, and process management (BPMN). Drawing on his expertise in various project management methods, he chooses the optimal method for each product and project based on its unique characteristics. He motivates the project team to the highest level of performance and ensures successful completion of the project.

Mr. Herzog has specialized in MAM, PIM, and MDM databases and operational process design for software development since the beginning of his professional development. Therefore, agile methods are among his most familiar and trusted tools.

He was responsible for the successful implementation of MAM and PIM products in distance trade and at publishing houses. He was able to markedly increase the added value of the data through automation, adjustment of the software, or new development.

At PIM-Consult, Julian Herzog strengthens our backend, agile project management, and process management capabilities.


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