PIM-Consult collaborates with you to develop your specific product data strategy and helps you generate the necessary enthusiasm in your company for new ideas, processes and changes.
Structured product data play a key role in the success of your company. Product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM) convert your data into a highly efficient tool. In order to develop the appropriate product data strategy for your company, PIM-Consult analyzes all relevant company departments in order to highlight the potential of a PIM or MDM implementation:

  • Recording the actual processes, step by step
  • Analyzing the style of work of your teams, suppliers and partners
  • Establishing the requirements of your sales channels
  • Identifying media disruption and “pain points”
  • Analyzing existing data structures and systems


picto_backend Once the strategy is in place, work begins on the backend to create the system-side conditions for hosting, entering and utilizing the data. Our independent PIM consulting service is an important pillar for this strategy.

We analyze the adaptability of your IT, re-model data models and processes, work with you to choose your PIM system and manage the implementation.

  • Analysis, modeling and management of business processes
  • Selecting the PIM system, MDM system, MAM system
  • Tendering procedure and quotation comparison
  • Management of system implementation
  • Data normalization and structure cleanup
  • Requirements management


picto_frontend Once you have a clear picture of the future backend, you have to ensure that your company also takes full advantage of the new IT potential with regard to content.
We optimize your processes for data entry and procurement, as well as media and catalog productions, focusing on quality and increasing speed. We also provide the best fit to existing product information management solutions.

  • Identification and implementation of potential efficiencies
  • Reduction of advertising and marketing costs
  • Optimization of photo productions, reduction of photo costs
  • Reorganization of the supplier pool, calls for tender and negotiation
  • Adjustment of design and frontends / touch points


picto_enabling Only if your employees, as part of the change process, are convinced of the project objectives will your strategy really take flight.
We provide you and your employees with control tools, transfer our expertise and moderate the change process for you – from the initial strategy workshop with management to training and motivating your staff.

  • Strategy and management consulting
  • Interim management in advertising, marketing and project management
  • Organization development
  • Change management, coaching
  • Moderating, training

PIM consulting

PIM-Consult is the reliable, pragmatic partner in all phases of your PIM project, who will ensure your project success over the long term.


icon bootcamp Are you not yet sure what role PIM/MDM is to play in your company?
Do you want to obtain an initial overview of common systems, project procedures and approximate budget requirements?

PIM assessment

icon assessment Are you already implementing a PIM system, but have “lost the overview”?
Have you decided on a PIM system, but want to have your decision checked again from a neutral point of view?

Analysis & Concept

icon assessment You have decided to introduce a PIM system? We’ll make it a success story. We are also there to support you in describing your requirements for the future system in all its details. Teaming up with you we will derive your individual content strategy from the corporate strategy and optimize your IT infrastructure against the background of efficient data maintenance processes.

PIM system selection

icon PIM Auswahl You don’t want to decide on the “best” PIM system according to the test seal, but you want to find the solution that meets your unique requirements perfectly?
Are you looking for a partner who is appreciated by leading system providers, but does not let himself be influenced by partner programs?

PIM system implementation

Icon PIM Implementierung Are you looking for the reliability of an experienced specialist who asks you and the manufacturer of your choice the right questions during implementation?
You won’t be satisfied with an 80/20 solution?

PIM system optimization

Icon PIM Optmierung You have introduced a PIM system, but are dissatisfied with the automation rate of your print processes?
Would you like to carry out a structured review in order to discover dormant potentials?

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